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Ongoing and upcoming projects

I usually keep all my little projects separate but as time will be short with the first project on my list #PhDbyTheSea I’m going to keep you updated on other parts of my vet world activities here. Especially exciting are the upcoming events and news from Learning without Landfill!


RCVS Knowledge PhD

From October 2019 I will be a full-time student again – undertaking a PhD on “Professionalising animal medicine” which will allow me to research the history of the RCVS and veterinary legislation in the UK. We’re unique in many ways and I want to share that story with you – I’ll be publishing regularly as my 3 year project progresses.

The PhD is based at the University of Kent which has an impressive history of sciences department and I’m looking forward to learning new skills, finding out lots about our history and living by the sea – yep its #PhDbyTheSea

You can find out more from the University of Kent website here

Learning without Landfill

I’m going to keep you updated here on Learning without Landfill, the environmental campaign Jo Hinde and I set up on 2018. Motivated by the amount of waste in the veterinary field and with an initial focus on large CPD events the campaign comprises of several parts.

The Pledge #LWLpledge

We ask that people who support the idea of reducing our environmental impact sign up to our pledge. This asks you to do 4 things

  • review your current working processes
  • make one change that is sustainable and achievable
  • review your changes annually and make change where you can
  • tell other people about the changes you have made


We have had individuals, practices and companies sign up and the response has been huge. We share ways to help you improve your LWL pledge via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You can sign up learningwithoutlandfill@gmail.com

LWL news 

For LWL I will be speaking at Wellvet weekend and Scottish BSAVA Congress Рcheck out my News page for more 

Our volunteers

We are very grateful to work with committed volunteers who help us with social media posts. Jo and I set up LWL when our lives were just a little bit quieter so we are very grateful to all those who have an are helping. If you think you could offer any help please email at the address above.

RCVS vet nurse council and more

RCVS Vet Nurse Council
I stood for election this year for VN Council and sadly there were only 2 candidates so there was no voting required but I am still proud to be taking my place on council this September. My profile with more information is here
RCVS VN Futures
I have been in the career progression group from early on in the VN Futures project. I sit on a group with vets, vet nurses and lay people to work on ways to improve the career progression options for vet nurses. Its a fabulous project to be involved with – find out more here
As with VN Futures the RCVS emailed members to ask for people to debate the new recording of CPD options including using an outcome based system. This was in 2016/17 and as with VN Futures I answered the email and said I would like to help if I could. The RCVS look to us win the profession to test, trial and inform them of what we found. A range of views is needed so I would highly recommend responding to any of these requests that the RCVS email out.
The CPD pilot has moved on I am still involved in this as part of the initial group and as a member of VNC.

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