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Dr Nurse

For 2020 I’m delighted to be working with RCVS Knowledge and the University of Kent to research the RCVS archives during the period of the setting up of the RCVS and the granting of the royal charter – a very complex period in history!

As I head into finding out the truth about the veterinary professions path to professionalisation I will share here a few pieces I have written about my journey so far.

Click here for the first blog – conflict and confusion in veterinary history 

My views on student life V2.0

Introducing Professor Edward Coleman


She is the most popular blogger in her industry and runs the award winning online community #planetrvn. Her blogs currently appear in

The Veterinary Times

The Webinar Vet


Jane RVN creates videos for clinical skills for student vet nurses. Free, open access support that wis much needed.

Today the channel is in the Top 75 vet Youtube channels in the world and showcases vet nurse education, client information and the all new Vet Nurse Dictionary Corner feature! Find it here.

Publications – Find my book on Amazon 

Research and Study Skills for Veterinary Nurses

While aimed at vet nurses this book with free downloads will appeal to many as it works through how to be successful with:

  • note making and research
  • using databases
  • learning in the workplace
  • revision
  • how to use reflection positively in learning
  • downloadable work sheets and templates linked to the text

as well as looking in depth at the commonly used assessment styles from MCQs to OSCEs to work based learning and more.

Public speaking 

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