#planetrvn partners for the WIN

I know I probably over share about the life of the husband – G – and his relationship with the pets, but he’s played a blinder today.

Tillie has been a little picky with getting her meds in her usual smoked ham sliced roll – check the video on how to make them. But for the last few days the ham trick isn’t working well enough.

So I suggested going back to try the ham and cheese spread combo, but we only had soft cheese! Lovely G made up her meds as ever this morning, adding the cream cheese and this is what I got up to after he’d gone to work…

Poor Gs efforts for Tillie were in vain, soft cheese wasn’t for Tillie so I’ve headed out in the snow to get cheese spread to make sure she’ll take her medication with the littlest fuss possible.

Medicating cats is difficult at the best of times so now that our favourite trick has gone we’ll keep looking for new methods and keep you posted on our progress.

As for G there are little moments were I think I couldn’t have a better husband – and this was one of them. Caring for pets with illnesses can take its toll and having someone to share the load with is much appreciate, and when it’s someone who cares so much it makes it even easier.