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Research and Study Skills for student vet nurses

Great news for current and upcoming student vet nurses and clinical coaches! My book on research and study skills is now available to pre-order! It is out 30th April 2019 and is aimed at demystifying the process of learning and assessment.

While aimed at vet nurses it will appeal to many as it works through how to be successful with

  • note making and research
  • using databases
  • learning in the workplace
  • revision
  • how to use reflection positively in learning
  • downloadable work sheets and templates linked to the text

as well as looking in depth at the commonly used assessment styles from MCQs to OSCEs to work based learning and more.

Head to my lovely publishers 5M – click here to pre-order – Quicker than Amazon!




Vet Record publishes Jane RVN career review

Thanks to Vet Record for including me in their career review section. We often assume that everyone knows their career goals and that success is an easy path for others. I wanted to share my story to show that whatever hurdles may appear you can still be part of the veterinary world and have differing levels of ability – and succeed!

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Vet Record publishes SIII views

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