An experienced presenter I am available for CPD lectures, public speaking and media appearances.

Coming up:

In 2019 I can be found attending and talking at a few events – come and join me!


Clinical Coach Congress 2019

I’ll be delivering a session on preparing for OSCEs – Who Wore it Best? What matters most for student OSCE success?

– exam technique

– skill level

– knowledge level

Come and see me on Tuesday afternoon tickets and info here

BSAVA 2019 

Although my book isn’t out until the end of April there will be the chance to meet me and have a chat and pre-order my book – details TBC! Check here or #PlanetRVN – tickets for BSAVA still available

There’s also a Learning without Landfill – Year One update!

The Vet Festival 2019

The official book launch! Come and join the festival fun and join in a learning workshop! We can all Learn Better for 2019!

Tickets (and camping options) available here

I’ll be here as part of our Learning without Landfill project – finding more environmentally friendly tribe members!


You missed me at:


AVS – Association of Veterinary Students 2019

Held this year at the RVC I was honoured to host a triage session, do some practical lab tasks and introduce the great How to Make Friends session

A great event and hopefully more cross over vet/vet nurse sessions for the future!


CVS Congress 2018

If you work for CVS come and join me on Sat 3rd November to catch up on positivity in the nursing profession and how we can all work together to create a great vet team.


BVNA 2018

As the most popular vet nurse blogger I am pleased to say I’ll be speaking at the 2018 congress about Promoting the profession through Social Media. A chance to share my social media journey while navigating copyright and the RCVS Code of Conduct.


Wellvet weekend 

As a co-founder of Learning Without Landfill I was invited to speak at the Wellvet weekend about Jo and I’s journey of promoting cultural change “Ideas to Reality” the #lwlpledge story


Vets Stay Go Diversify LIVE 2018

I provided a TalkShop on writing as an alternative or add-on career which was really well attended. Lots of great questions on blogs, academic writing and medical writing.


BSAVA 2018

Following on from last years successful social media panel at BSAVA I was been invited back to take part in a panel on vlogs and videos to promote the veterinary practice. Find out how and why I started videos and vlogs, what I’ve learnt and how this can help you.

Friday at 4.50pm in the Hyatt Ballroom with me and James Greenwood!


BSAVA 2017

An amazing panel on using social media with my fellow Vet Times blogger Nick Marsh and Cat the Vet.