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For 2020 I’m delighted to be working with RCVS Knowledge and the University of Kent to research the RCVS archives during the period of the setting up of the RCVS and the granting of the royal charter – a very complex period in history! Read more here

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It is said that good news comes by phone and bad news comes by mail (thanks to David Lodge) and as yet email hasn’t been categorised… Earlier this month I had some lovely good news come by email – I have been named as a finalist AGAIN in the Animal Star Awards.

UPDATE – lovely to win Pet Blogger of the Year 2019 for #PlanetRVN

Wellvet Weekend 2019 6-8th September Cambridge

After last years fabulous inaugural event I’m very pleased to be invited back! Heading up #PlanetRVN to share the team aspect of ur work and wellbeing, appearing on panels and generally enjoying myself in the yoga sessions! Can’t wait to see VetYogi again! Check her Youtube channel for bitesized vet work inspired 5 min sessions! Find out more here

Scottish BSAVA Congress 2019 - 7-8th September in Glasgow

I’m very grateful to Scottish BSAVA for inviting me to speak on my environmental passions and focus on the reducing the carbon footprint of the veterinary clinic. Join me on Sunday 8th at 3.30pm to find out more. See the programme here

London Vet Show 2019 - 14/15th November

Almost the last event of the year! I’ll be here talking about social media and utilising nursing skills across the whole clinic. A very exciting end to the year! See you there, Friday afternoon for both sessions! I’ll be covering safe social media use, including the hot topic of jigsaw identification! See the programme here

BVNA 2019 - 11-13th October

I’m heading to BVNA to talk all things OSCEs and host some Learn Better workshops based on activities and downloads from my book ‘Research and Study Skills for Veterinary Nurses’. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there! Check the programme here

Learn Better workshops are Sunday at 10am so no going crazy on Saturday night! Come along to try Vet Nurse Dictionary Pictionary, X-ray Blockbusters, and more! Its first come first serve so bring your breakfast so you’re fuelled to learn!

The Vet Festival 2019 - 7/8th June

Its going to be sunny, I’m glamping AND its the first event since my book officially launched! Come and join me and 5M Publishers for some ways to Learn Better in 2019! Check #PlanetRVN for more updates closer to the time! (7/8th June!)

BSAVA 2019

Yes, back again to BSAVA. No paddle boarding the canals this year, but a sneak preview of my book was allowed!

Thanks to everyone who came to take part in Learning without Landfill AND the Learn Better sessions!

Clinical Coach Congress 2019

I was delighted to be speaking to those who support student vet nurses in clinic – the clinical coaches. A fun and interactive session ending with delegates creating their own OSCEs!


AVS - Association of Vet Students 2019

Hosting a triage session, a practical lab sessions as well as introduce the great How to Make Friends concept and how it can help with EMS

BVNA 2018

As the most popular vet nurse blogger I spoke at the 2018 congress about Promoting the profession through Social Media. A chance to share my social media journey while navigating copyright and the RCVS Code of Conduct.


Wellvet weekend

As a co-founder of Learning Without Landfill I was invited to speak at the Wellvet weekend about Jo and I’s journey of promoting cultural change “Ideas to Reality” the #lwlpledge story


Vets Stay Go Diversify LIVE 2018

I provided a TalkShop on writing as an alternative or add-on career which was really well attended. Lots of great questions on blogs, academic writing and medical writing.


BSAVA 2018

Following on from last years successful social media panel at BSAVA I was been invited back to take part in a panel on vlogs and videos to promote the veterinary practice. Find out how and why I started videos and vlogs, what I’ve learnt and how this can help you.

Friday at 4.50pm in the Hyatt Ballroom with me and James Greenwood!


BSAVA 2017

An amazing panel on using social media with my fellow Vet Times blogger Nick Marsh and Cat the Vet.



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