About Jane

Jane RVN is award winning curator of social media with #planetrvn created and running for over 7 years for the veterinary industry and she is the most popular blogger in her industry.

Sharing stories is a universal desire in us all and I use modern technology to promote vet nursing, animal welfare and share the stories of those who need it.


Jane can be found on social media and as the longest serving blogger for the largest veterinary newspaper The Veterinary Times as well as:

recruit4vets with the most popular blogs of 2016 and 2017

any-uk-vet.co.uk spearheading a new blog for pet owner

– numerous product reviews and industry newspaper articles

Academic Writing

– academic articles for The Veterinary Nurse Journal include hygiene for nursing uniforms and the ongoing issue of the hidden role of the veterinary nurse.

Some people ask ‘why academic writing when you blog’ – because if it isn’t referenced and peer reviewed how can you monitor improvement in your chosen subject?

Youtube and More

There’s also the very successful YouTube channel currently focusing on student vet nurses and a book on research and study skills is being published in 2018.

Then it’s time for some new projects… watch this space in 2018!

Writing/blogging/YouTube masterclasses are available


Combining education and social media as @JaneRVN she runs a YouTube channel for student vet nurses specialising in clinical exams.

As an educator Jane has taught vet nurses for a number of years. She has her Postgraduate Diploma in Professional and Clinical Vet Nursing from the RVC as well as teaching and IQA qualifications. She has supported students in practice too as a clinical coach and has been an internal verifier and an OSCE examiner. She is studying towards a Masters in Clinical Education and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

To quote Yoda –When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be. The Force runs strong in your family. Pass on what you have learned. (starwars.com)

We must train and support our younglings – in whatever industry – I can help you.

Jane works as an educational consultant for FE and HE vet nursing and science courses

Clinical skills

Older pets are her passion and she is focused on getting clients to recognise and treat pain in older pets. In clinical work her first love is anaesthesia and surgical nursing – contact me below for clinical work/practice or training consultancy.

When I can I head back into vet practice – there’s nothing like patient and client contact to keep you on your toes.

She is found in practice, in the classroom and on social media #planetrvn

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