Winning awards and more for Octobers round up!

Wow! October is turning into quite a month!

I’m delving deep into my literature review for my PhD and it’s EVERYTHING I thought it would be and more,

My BVNA sessions went really well and I’m speaking at a couple of exciting events in 2020 because of this – so I’ll keep you posted on that!

Finally, last night I was awarded Pet Blogger of the Year by the Animal Star Awards! a 7 year journey and still ongoing !! Thanks for all your support reading and commenting on my posts!

Happy Learning,


Vet Times

A celebration of the people who help stray and wild animals find their way to the vet clinic, regardless of where they are found! This time focusing on the busy London rail network and the closure of Waterloo in July!

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Webinar Vet

A little piece on a different way to view your team and some tips on getting that to help you settle in to a team. Helpful for locums and students who need to settle into a team quickly and easily!

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Vet Times

I believe grief is grief and use this blog to explore the recent calls for ‘pet bereavement leave’ but do we need to endlessly name all the different reasons for time off work or are we emotionally mature enough not to need that?

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Any UK Vet

A piece I wrote some time ago and have pondered over sharing but felt it was right to do this now. I’ve recently managed to get a child focussed company to change their adverts away from brachycephalic breeds and so I’m sharing my personal story as a Peke owner.

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Vet Times

A full catch up this month for VT blogs and a follow on from last months blog on jigsaw identification – how to manage client expectations of your social media feed when it contains their precious pets!

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A reminder of the new videos on my YouTube channel!

This month some follow on content from my BVNA talk on OSCE success – the time challenge!

Also learning from learning outcomes and more! Over 1k subscribers now!

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