September blogs – learning better and staying safe – find the blogs and vlogs for Sept here

It’s the September round up!

For many of you its the start of the academic year again, for students and tutors. So this round up will include the usual blogs but also a reminder of the great Learn Better content on my YouTube channel.

This features dedicated videos to help with the common questions around learning and preparing for assessments. The playlist includes information on How Pub Med works, What is Boolean searching as well as preparing for OSCEs.

Head over to check it out and subscribe to get videos direct to your inbox! Nearly 1000 subscribers can’t be wrong!

Happy Learning,


Vet Times

Having worked in mainly inner city clinics I have often marvelled at how much we fit into ill fitting spaces. But I’ve always wondered if the building dictates the work flow or if we do?

Our physical working space can really affect our ability to care for our patients so find out my thoughts here.

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Vet Times

Staying safe on social media is important for ourselves and our clients.

Jigsaw Identification of cases can happen easily and often, learn what jigsaw identification is and how to prevent it in this weeks blog!

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Webinar Vet

Another little dip into Learning Better with this blog and its about building your learning community.

We all have different skills and having a ‘team’ around you can be helpful as you approach your learning. Find out more here.

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