August blogs, new school year, disruption and furkids – another mixed bag!

August blog updates

I feel I’m starting to get back on track with updates after a very slow start to the year – thanks for bearing with me! This was due to a few things, including chronic dental infection for 6 weeks… a great option for more hours at work for a while and then I found my dream PhD online… so had to do a lot of reading and writing to apply for that!

Luckily that has been a successful application and so I’m headed back to school! It makes me wonder if there might be another book on further research to be written…

Before that I’ve a few conference papers to write so I’ll head off now, enjoy the rest of the summer and I’ll see you soon!

If you want to come and get some great CPD I’m at these events – click here – and if you’d like to come to Wellvet Weekend in Cambridge 6-8th Sept then I’m there and you can buddy up on their social media (or with friends) and use BRINGAFRIEND code to get your second ticker HALF PRICE! Prices include accommodation and food at the beautiful Girton College

Best wishes,


Vet Times

As we head to a new term I’m sure there are people out there debating the issues of unpaid placements for student vet nurses.

I’ve thought about this a lot and tried to put the issues into context for the individual – I hope it helps!

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Vet Times 

One from last month… The issue of Paw Parents, Furkids, Furbabies, whatever you want to use to describe your relationship with your pet – or you may HATE this! I explore the how, why and where of using human terms for pets.

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Webinar Vet Gazette

‘Disruption’ is all around us every day and is needed for change to happen – yet it often feels like its sent to destabilise our working practices. In this blog I explore the issues of personal disruption and organisational disruption and how the human medical field is purposely creating disruptors… do we need to do the same?

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As we head into September its a new school year for many – students and tutors!

A little reminder that my #learnbetter playlist has terminology, learning support and exam support as well as the usual OSCE videos.

Learn Better for 2020 Youtube can help!

Any UK Vet

Another feline focussed blog this month. I’m sure we all know about the issues with Scottish Folds and their cartilage damage from their ‘fancy’ ear folds.. well I’m facing up to the issues that brings with Buxton. He’s now nearly 17 and needs me to keep on top of his claws care as he can’t quite manage it. His poorly little toes are misshapen and two claws grow at odd angles. He’s now getting very brave with me and doesn’t mind his pedicures but this blog is about how important claw care

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