June blog round up – book launch, mystery bruises, staying safe on line and more!

June blogs

Well, June saw me at Vet Fest for the official launch of my book! A fabulous time was had by all despite the little bit of rain and I even managed to camp for a true festival experience!

The first reviews are on Amazon and people seem to like it so I’m hoping it will help more of you at the start of the new academic year for 2019/20.

Buy the book here

Best wishes,


Vet Times

We all get used to the mystery bruises we get working in clinic… but do we take our work injuries seriously? Check out the needlestick issues with Junes VT blog

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Vet Times 

Heading for an older blog but one that seems timely. What is safe to use online in terms of images and words? Is everything online fair game? It must be if its on Google?

Well… maybe not…

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Youtube updates!

Youtube have changed a few details so new videos don’t automatically get shared to social media. I’m still putting new videos up around every 2 weeks and have a great #learnbetter playlist from now until Christmas that highlights some great ways to learn better from my book. Head to Youtube from the link below and subscribe to get video direct to your inbox.


Webinar Vet Gazette

June sees me discussing the seasonal increase in strays in the summer months and how best to work with those who bring these animals to your clinic.

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