April blogs – nudity, preferring animals to people and more!

April blogs

As April ends I was pleased to see my Book finally be out for everyone to buy! Great positive comments are already coming in and I’m so pleased – I might even write another! Here’s one of my notebooks filled with post it notes and ideas…

Its available in bookshops – from my publisher and yes it is on Amazon!

Click here to read more and buy!

More from Mays round up soon!

Best wishes,


Vet Times

Running for RCVS VN Council saw me have an even busier than usual December last year – but its all been worth it and 12th July RCVS Day is getting closer. Find out my thoughts on standing for and getting on to RCVS Council

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Vet Times 

Nudity is on my mind this time.. with thanks to Ollie the wonderful if now slightly balder cat of Ricky Gervais!

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Webinar Vet Gazette

A great online magazine where I do a monthly article and in April it was about the impact of the differing values between the status symbol of a pet because of the initial cost to buy it yet the lack of status attached to being able to afford gorgeous geriatric pets like Tilly – PKD, Myasthenia Gravis and more..

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Any UK Vet

Many pets have multiple owners – so how do we cope with multiple clients for each pet and how can pet owners help?

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Any UK Vet

Every pet brings a person with them – so if you wanted to work in a vet clinic because ‘you don’t like people’ then you might want to read this and see that we’re a VERY people focussed industry!

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