May blogs round up, the worth of an RVN, being woke for welfare, and MONEY!

May blogs

This arrives with you a little late as life has been a little hectic. However I’m particularly proud of Mays blogs! I mainly try to be fair to all parties involved in the vet world and animal welfare in blogs but this month I took a stand on the use of animals in reality shows and the issue of our evolving role in animal welfare – look forward, not back.

More from June soon!

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Vet Times

This is a blog I’ve had brewing for a while. There are often articles about how much it would cost to replace or properly pay for all the roles a housewife carries out – so I though I’d use one of their salary calculators to imagine what an RVN is worth and how much they cost to replace.

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Vet Times 

I know that the recent BVA open letter to the makers of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ may have caused some people to wonder why a UK based vet organisation is communicating with an Australian based reality show? Yet I see the path to improved welfare for all animals as an ongoing journey. I’m pleased the BVA spent their time on the letter and this blog explains why!

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Webinar Vet Gazette

May sees me discuss the training issue of people who see training success as creating ‘mini me’s’ when there is space for everyone in the vet clinic

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Any UK Vet

Vet consults can be stressful for both owner and pet. This sometimes means as an owner you don’t ask all the questions you want or get all the information you need. How can you make the consult a better interaction?

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Any UK Vet

The veterinary clinic is a health care provider but also a business and I know from personal experience about bills not being paid and the stress it causes. Yet our communication with clients and making it easy to pay the bill isn’t always the best.

The queue at reception to pay is often a mix of pet food purchasers, cat collar purchasers and then the serious emergency – yet as we’re British we queue in a sensible fashion instead of order of need. Could getting the vet to take payment in the consult room help in some instances?

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