March – monthly blog round up

I’ve recently revamped my regular newsletters and have included a round up of the blogs I have published each month.

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March blogs

A diverse bunch this month! Starting with the dilemmas of buying soft toys knowing that you’re taking them home to mutilate them for OSCE club!

Then theres the gender issue when clients specify ‘the make vet’ and how we can handle it.

Its a yucky one next but I’m sure we’ve all defrosted deceased pets for owners to visit…

Next is the problem with the ‘blame game’ about rehoming pets and I have a confession…

Finally a little clinical conundrum – we love our badges yet they carry a risk. How can we balance identifying our role and maintaining infection control standards?


What happens in OSCE club… – read the blog here


The gender issue – again! – read the blog here


Defrosting deceased pets – yes that happens – read the blog here


The Blame Game in pet re-homing – read the blog here


Infection control VS our hard earned badges… read the blog here


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