A very veterinary Christmas 2018


Christmas means so many different things to so many different people it can be hard to blog about the festivities. In the veterinary world we have our own definitions of many key festive phrases and features – I’m afraid we see poison and trauma in the simplest mince pie and garland of tinsel.

For Christmas 2018 I have created a definitive (for now) list of alternative veterinary meanings and also have shared some festive Vet Nurse Dictionary Corners too:

Find the blog here

Find the videos here

While these are a lighthearted way to look at Christmas but theres also the sadder side of this time of year. In clinic we see the awful impact of the impulse purchases of pets as gifts and this year I’ve written not one but two blogs on this subject.

Staying safe online

Firstly there’s a guide on how to spot dubious online adverts and in this case also the Instagram accounts of those who may not be so honest with their information regarding the animals they sell – find out about The Unholy Trinity of online pet sales here.

Trojan Dogs

Then there’s the issues with Trojan Dogs and the situation the UK is in with the current movement of pets across multiple borders. Buying pets online often means they are shipped from abroad and this carries with it its own risks. Thanks to the British Veterinary Association for the information and here’s the blog I wrote.

Christmas should be a fun time so we’d all really like it if you only need to come to the vets for some food or treats or a repeat prescription… but if you need us we’re here – 24/7 365 days a year..

Happy Christmas every one – stay safe and be well

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