Online pet sales – avoiding the heartbreak this Christmas

I’m really pleased to see my early December blog for Vet Times is getting a lot of attention across a number of platforms.

Sadly this festive season there will be heartbreak and tears for many as the poorly puppies and kittens that have been bought online and shipped require urgent veterinary treatment and un many cases don’t make it to the New Year.

It can seem obvious that buying living creatures without seeing them first and then getting them transported across the country – or even further – may not be the best way to get a pet but online adverts can seem very appealing.

This was brought home to me last year during an afternoon out with my dog Hollie. A lady thought that as I had a Peke in a buggy I would understand her desire to buy a Pug puppy… from an account on Instagram!

Check out what happened and how you can spot untrustworthy online adverts – read more here

You might also like to consider my blog for Any UK Vet that supports setting up client information evenings on getting a pet. An idea from a few years ago where pre-pet parties are a way to bond with current and future clients and try to reduce the heartbreak and stress of sickly pets arriving in your consult room very soon after they arrive in their new home.

Part of the evening or afternoon could be getting local rescues to speak and share their available pets, some information from vets and vet nurses on different pets and breeds and their suitability to where you are located. Finally it would appear that educating clients on how to spot untrustworthy online adverts for pets is needed – the more we can share this information hopefully the less appealing a pretty Instagram account will appear.

Check out the blog on pre-pet support for clients here


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