Having a home – having a pet

Living in London we have lived in flats for years. A house would be lovely but its beyond our means. We have pets, and have had for nearly 17 years. Finding a home with a pet adds new hurdles, for renting and buying and the issues have been raised again here. Where pet owners are going to court about “no pet” policies in flats.

I think number of issues have been raised about keeping pets in this article which are good. Pets can be a source of great comfort and calm and it is clear these owners have a great bond. But it does raise this issues of finding an appropriate property for pets.

We have been through this many times and just because there is a £1 million pound price tag on this flat does not mean moving with a pet is any easier.

I feel the property industry does not help when you are searching for a new home with pets. Over the years we have been told to lie to landlords about the existence of the pets. Have had contracts altered after the landlord has signed them – without being told about it and have had solicitors fail to realise that if we ask them to search a lease for any pet clauses as a priority this is because a “no pet” clause will stop the purchase.

As a buyer or potential tenant you cannot rely on the landlords or estate agents words. They will say what they need to! It is the lease from the freeholder that contains the information. Sometimes a chat with a neighbour will find out some information but again you need it in writing from the solicitor with an extract of the lease to confirm if you can have pets.

The sad issue in this case is that the pet seems to be causing a noise issue. This raises the issue of welfare for the pet and the neighbours. Both need to be happy in their home.

There is no right or wrong here, we all need to get along in the confined space of a big city. But as pets can bring us such joy, and so many of them needs homes it is a shame that providing a home for them is such a problem.


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