Jane RVN

Vet Nurse, Writer, Educator, Blogger


Jane RVN

Jane RVN is a London and Kent based vet nurse who writes to educate and support vets, vet nurses and pet owners.

She is the most popular blogger in her industry and runs the award winning online community #planetrvn

Sharing stories is a universal desire in us all and she uses blogs, vlogs and more to promote vet nursing, animal welfare and share the stories of those who need it

Blogging Clients

Blogging for the last 7 years on a number of issues Jane now regularly blogs for a variety of veterinary publications and also finds time to create blogs for herself!

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Jane RVN Youtube

Starting in 2016 Jane RVN produced videos for clinical skills for student vet nurses. Free, open access support that was much needed. Today the channel is in the Top 75 vet Youtube channels in the world and showcases vet nurse education, client information and the all new Vet Nurse Dictionary Corner feature!


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